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My name is Gal and…

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Exceptional Opportunities

Imagine you could just stop everything and do something crazy? Imagine we could all run away and join the circus? Wouldn’t that be great if we could all follow our passion, face the unknown, and casually perform amazing feats? Even… dare to do dangerous tricks…

But wouldn’t that be like playing with fire?
Have no fear – we have a variety of ways to help you to learn how to circus.

Juggling Workshops

explore dancing in new ways

The juggling workshops are focused on creativity and free movement with your props. So rather than being skill-centered – it’s experienced-centered. This one is a great fit for anyone, from absolute beginners to people who already have dipped their toes to the circus pond. We will work on how to create magic and combine elements from juggling, dance and performance arts to make you move and express yourself in new exciting ways.

How to Circus

a Stage Show by Gal Shilat

This is a 45 minute solo show full of music, circus and wonders. It tells the story that we all can resonate with, about following your dreams, being willing to fail, and creating magic and wonder in every moment of life. It invites you to think, enjoy, and let out your excitement and playfulness, even when life seems full of hilarious obstacles sometimes.


that build learning communities

The lectures are a physical experiential journey that includes topics like the science behind fire eating, balance in life and in juggling and more. Expect an interactive and interesting hour while also enjoying finding an informative process that dares you to think, and dare to learn.

Our flagship circus experience

The How to Circus Show
Experience the wonders of circus life first hand, from the point of view of the generous mentor who is here to finally reveal: how to circus. Watch the complexion of movement music and juggling be broken down then built up in front of your eyes (And you might even get to take part in it)

Watch a 45 minute solo show full of laughter, excitement and general shenanigans (And even some mindfulness philosophy and physics, oh my)

The show is called How to Circus because it shows a juggler-dancer-musician talking about his journey, showing you the behind the scenes, the struggles and the hardships as well as the secrets of the trade. And the best part, the show includes us creating from scratch a whole number, music movement and everything – live right in front of your eyes!

Is it
  • PA circus show?
  • PAn improve show?
  • PA dance & music show?

It’s all of them combined.

How the show Looks like

Here are some of the stuff I did! Enjoy 

Workshop that makes circus feel easy

and are Super Fun

Ever wanted to be able to demonstrate a skill that is seriously impressive? Did you ever crave to have the ability to express yourself freely through dance and creativity? Did you even think it’s possible to hear a song and know you can be one with it in your body?
All of these and more, in our uniquely different slightly geeky circus workshops.
The Big Problem of All Circus Workshop
Usually juggling takes a long time to learn and a ton of dedication. But this workshop is different. We’ll familiarize ourselves with juggling, and learn how to make our own moves. We will use creativity and our bodies to be able to create from scratch something impressive and original in very little time. We’ll also understand how to train and improve ourselves on our own to be able to reach a higher level of shazam.
So if you ever wanted to be a juggler, a mover, or just be able to have some secret trick up your arsenal

– this workshop is for you!

And as for the age question: Yes this Workshop is Best Suited to Anyone in any Age.

Try it and see for yourself.


Enjoy a collection of well crafted lectures that inspire curiosity – but unlike regular, boring, fall-asleep-check-your-phone type of lectures that we all dread, these lectures were built from the ground up to simulate a circus performance.

Which means – your lecture will be interesting, appeal to the crowd and incorporate everyone.
It will also include crazy demonstrations of circus skills.

All of this is possible because even before Gal was a circus performer, he was a teacher. Learning is his favorite thing and his passion is infectious.

Lecture topics:

The Science of Playing with Fire

the romance of touching danger directly (Fire eating, juggling fire, fire breathing, how does it even work? Is there such a thing as cold fire? How do you stay alive after more than one show?) includes fire demonstrations and stories we have all been through.

Balance when Standing on your Head

(How handstands and object balancing are like the way your life, body and even universe balance themselves…Oooooh) includes demonstrations and crowd participation, and can include a balance workshop.

The Mathematics of Juggling

Apparently juggling has maths. It’s all connected and my science degree wasn’t wasted mom! See the inner workings of moving objects in a pattern and learn about the metaphysics of details matter. *Can and recommended to include a juggling workshop in the end, with or without creating juggling balls to keep!


PNF, the connection to the brain, mind over body, balance between strength and flexibility, freedom of movement and פסיכוסומאטי, etc


Or – How to Circus’s guide on how to learn or train anything! 🙂


"I felt like you’re meeting me at eye level and that I learned how to manage myself in life and make right decisions. I also learned to look at the bigger picture and understand things better that way.”

Idar N.


“I really liked the vibes and the teaching method. It was really one of the most special lectures I’ve attended, both content wise and how it was conveyed.”

Goni C.

"I feel that each and every one came out of this with tons of added value. Thanks to you we managed to better understand what we want and how to be better people”

Ella A.

About Gal Shilat

Creator of How to Circus
Hey! My name is Gal and I am excited to share with you an experience that includes:


I practiced many skills, the odd, the curious and the exciting to get me to where I am, and know what it takes to learn something new in an hour, a month or a year and will share the top tips with you.


I have a track record of teaching, both formally and informally. My 11 years as a teacher have helped me to master both types


You will be given proven tactics for learning new skills. Throughout my life I LOVED learning new things and figured out ways to learn a new skill fast. I can’t wait to share these techniques with you


Expect to have a great time as one thing performing all over Israel and Europe too taught me was that the show really does matter. It has to be amazing


When we succeed in learning one thing, we manage to build up our confidence in learning other topics. You will feel the connection too.
After years of working on my show, by combining and connecting different elements to create something new, that was mine, I learned something incredible: There’s a connection between the things you learn, even things that don’t seem that way


The show is never the same and
you will enjoy a fresh new experience every time you watch it. That is because everyday I try to challenge myself to get to the next level and learn the next thing


You will be amazed… of yourself.
For me, this is the most rewarding part of performing my show – it’s when I see that it makes an impact on someone else. Seeing the look in an audience’s eyes when you KNOW you touched them, or the student’s look of “Eurika!” when something finally “Clicks”

That’s why I perform. That’s why I teach. It lets me learn, and lets me share.

I hope you’d like me to share How to Circus with you.

gal in action!

Want to learn a new skill

Circus skills are a tool that changes the way you learn and live
The lessons are private or group lessons, if any of you actually thought about joining the circus… Or perhaps just impressing your friends, dates or colleagues with an amazing skill – juggling, dance and handstands are all available and can even combine to create an interesting and unique movement style.

I also work with performers who wish to work on their numbers or performance abilities, if you have anything coming up… 🙂

"The way you combine your awesome world view with your enthusiasm, and your wide scale knowledge is simply incredible”

Omer B.

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Important questions and their answers

Q. Where do you get to with your show?

A. How to Circus performs everywhere in Israel, and also performs through festivals and events in Europe.

Q. Is this show suitable for kids?

A. How to Circus is a family show for all ages, the show is definitely engaging and impressive for grownups as well, and the tricks and ` music will be great fun for everyone.

Q: What do you mean by creating a new musical circus number on the fly in each show?

A: What makes the How to Circus show special, is that it shows the audience a vulnerable, impressive look into the learning and creation of a new number. Think about it like improv on hip-hop, circus, and music

Q: Can we learn to do some of the things seen on stage?
A: Yes. How to Circus also offers juggling lessons and circus workshops, as well as lectures for some of the more information based areas, or the less safe ones like playing with fire….;)
Q: Is this show suitable for a kids birthday?
A: How to Circus is a family show, designed first and foremost for festivals, organizations, corporate functions etc. But yes, we often and happily customize it for kids birthdays. They love the circus and learning new circus skills is easier for them.
Q: Do you perform both indoors and outdoors?
A: How to Circus can perform both indoors and outdoors. Street arts were a big inspiration for the creation of the show and the show is deeply rooted in the circus, so it was important to get ready for the logistics of both indoors and outdoors shows… And of course the show fits the big stage as well 🙂

how the show looks like

An Educational Experience Through Circus

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